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Ai and Machine Learning  Consulting

WebDotEdit machine learning consulting services provide decades of combined experience in empowering companies to design, build and implement AI-powered software. We are committed to helping companies understand the capabilities of machine learning and link them to business goals.

Our software consulting and engineering teams are experts in the latest machine learning best practices, data science modeling, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and more. We use these skills to help you take advantage of all the potential AI technology has to offer your company. Our company helps you turn your ideas into tangible solutions through technical implementation.




Sales Forecasting and Recommendation Engines

As a Machine Learning Consulting Company, we serve retailers in both the US and the EU. Is your company looking to forecast sales and demand, implement chatbots, optimize logistics, and improve the way it manages warehouses?

These are specific tasks that companies want to solve. Solutions such as in-store behavior analysis, personalized recommendations and discount engines can help retailers increase sales. They can also be used with financial data to detect fraud using machine learning.


Multimodal Biometric Verification

Our AI and machine learning consulting teams are already providing services to US-based healthcare organizations. We have helped healthcare companies develop AI-biometric verification solutions. So that healthcare data can be streamlined and secured. The goal of this project was to enhance the user experience without compromising on security. We determined that multimodal biometric verification using machine learning and deep learning techniques was the ideal solution.


Predictive Maintenance

We use AI and machine learning to analyze operation data to determine the condition of equipment and machinery to prevent failures. This approach is designed to increase your efficiency by converting you from a calendar maintenance model to one based on actual depreciation of the equipment.


Face Recognition and Identification

Artificial intelligence is a reliable tool for improving security goals thanks to technologies like face recognition and ID that leverages computer vision. We  provide AI & machine learning consulting for applying technologies to ensure privacy. This includes analyzing video streams to detect and blur faces, advertisements, license plates, and other personal data.

Multiparadigm Approach to

Data Science

Whereas most organizations are only scratching the surface of the possible. Our multiparadigm approach to data analytics and problem solving includes a wide range of state-of-the-art algorithms and interdisciplinary methods for extracting insights, meaning and decisions from data. Dramatically expanding the scope of computation of problems can be solved.


Machine Learning

Generate adaptive models directly from complex datasets for object classification and predictive analytics, such as identifying which new advertising markets to enter.


Report Generation

Display conclusions and insights in a styled, formatted document for meetings, ongoing projects or public information, like a quarterly earnings report.


Neural Networks

Create and train layered processing networks for deep analysis and processing tasks, such as recognizing defective items coming off a production line.


Time Series

Model, simulate and forecast sequences of events over time to track long-term trends and make predictions, such as expected sales for the next holiday season.


Cluster Analysis

Group and analyze data based on similarity measures to extract underlying patterns and relationships, such as which customers are most similar to your top 100.


Graph/Network Analysis

Explore and visualize systems of discrete relationships to analyze correlations and patterns, such as modeling demographics in a social network.


Dynamic Visualization

Display data in styled plots, charts and infographics, making it human-readable and interactive for quick analysis and decision making.


Survival Analysis

Compute survival functions and lifetime distributions to analyze time-to-event data, such as the expected lifetime of a piece of industrial equipment.


Semantic Text Analysis

Analyze underlying structures in linguistic data to clean up data and extract meaning, such as determining sentiment in customer comments.

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